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Sun Frost Energy-efficient AC and DC Model Refrigerators

After many years of efficient refrigerator manufacture, Sunfrost is closing its doors. However, they will still continue to offer service on existing units. You may contact them in California at 707-822-9095.

Engel 12 volt AC/DC freezers

REFRIGERATORS/FREEZERS Sun Frost has been building energy-efficient refrigerators for the past 25 years and is dedicated to building quality products that are functional, esthetically pleasing, and built to last.  The expected life span of Sun Frost refrigerators is well over 25 years.
The Sun Frost refrigerator employs an array of innovations to achieve its exceptionally low energy consumption.  The cooling system on the Sun Frost is top mounted, reducing energy consumption in several ways.  The heat generated by the compressor and condenser does not reenter the refrigerator, and with a cooler-running condenser the efficiency of the cooling system is increased.

There is no air circulation between the refrigerator and freezer sections, unlike both manual and automatic defrost refrigerators.  This compartmental design reduces infiltration of warm kitchen air when the doors are opened.

Excellent insulation also contributes to Sun Frost refrigerator energy efficiency.  The walls of the refrigerator contain 2.5 to 4.5 inches of polyurethane foam.

Sun Frost refrigerators eliminate condensation with waste heat from the condenser and thus do not require the strip heaters normally found in refrigerator door gasket areas.  The efficiency of the cooling system is further increased by eliminating the need for internal circulating fans (Highly efficient fans are used on the F19 and RF19 models).

Elimination of strip heaters in the door's gasket area prevents condensation under humid conditions.

Sun Frost refrigerators can run off AC or DC power.  The super-efficient Sun Frost refrigerator makes running a home with alternative power sources both feasible and affordable.

In addition to the above energy-efficient qualities, Sun Frost refrigerators offer high-humidity, food-saving storage, run quietly, and clean easily. A wide variety of custom laminates (standard laminate is white) and wood veneers are available, as well as more than 100 colors, numerous wood finishes, and stainless steel. Follow these links for more information about laminates and veneers:
www.formica.com, www.wilsonart.com, www.nevamar.com.

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Sun Frost RF19, R19, and F19
shown with 13" cabinet

Sun Frost RF19, R19, and F19
These refrigerators and freezers are Sun Frost's largest models, and all have two equal sized compartments.

The Sun Frost RF19 has two compartments; one compartment is a refrigerator and the other a freezer. The RF19 can be ordered with the freezer on the top or on the bottom. The freezer is twice as large as the freezer in the RF16; however, the refrigerator compartment is slightly smaller. The RF19 often eliminates the need to buy a separate freezer. Like the RF16 this model is typically mounted on a 13-inch high cabinet. The RF19 uses two quiet and highly efficient fans to cool the exterior cooling coils.

The Sun Frost R19 is a refrigerator-only model with two equal-sized refrigerator sections. It does not need defrosting and incorporates a passive (no fans) cooling system. This model is also Energy-Star qualified.

The Sun Frost F19 is the largest freezer-only unit. It has two equal-sized compartments incorporating two independently controlled cooling systems. One compartment may be turned off to conserve energy when its storage space is not required. It uses the same fans as the RF19 to cool its cooling coils.

Also Energy-Star qualified, the Sun Frost RF16 is an extremely efficient full-size refrigerator. It has two independent cooling systems and temperature controls. In fact, one compartment may be left running while the other is shut off. The uniquely designed cooling coils on the outside of the Sun Frost do not require fans. The Sun Frost RF16 may be mounted on a 13-inch high cabinet for maximum convenience.

 Sun Frost RF16
shown with 13" cabinet

Sun Frost RF12
shown with 13" cabinet

The Sun Frost RF12 is a single compressor refrigerator freezer with a passive (no fans) cooling system. For convenience it is typically mounted on a 24" high cabinet. The matching cabinet made by Sun Frost has two large side-by-side drawers. This model is also Energy-Star qualified.

The Sun Frost R10 and F10 are the same width & depth as our larger models but are shorter, and for maximum convenience would require a higher base cabinet. The R10 is a refrigerator-only unit and the F10 is a freezer-only unit.

Sun Frost R10 and F10

Sun Frost RF4, R4, and F4

The Sun Frost RF4, R4, and F4 are Sun Frost's smallest refrigerators and freezers. Like the R10 and F10, they have the same width and depth as the larger units. The RF4 consists of a refrigerator with an ice tray freezer section. The R4 is a refrigerator-only unit, and the F4 is a freezer-only unit. For convenience, these units would require a higher base cabinet, or they could be placed on a countertop. Our 4 cubic foot models are also ideal for use in bus conversions, boats and RVs.


SUN FROST Price and Specifications List

Model Type

Daily Energy Use
amp hrs @ 12VDC
kWh @ 110VAC

(See Clearance

(Freight not included)

Height Width Depth



RF19* Half refrigerator/
62 amp-hrs
0.77 kWh
82 amp-hrs
1.02 kWh
66" 34.5" 27.75" $3,420 $3,265
R19 Refrigerator
28 amp-hrs
0.33 kWh
47 amp-hrs
0.56 kWh
66" 34.5" 27.75" $3,049 $2,970
F19 Freezer only 100 amp-hrs
0.48 kWh
130 amp-hrs
1.63 kWh
66" 34.5" 27.75" $3,450 $3,318
RF16 Refrigerator/
40 amp-hrs
0.48 kWh
58 amp-hrs
0.70 kWh
  62.5" 34.5" 27.75" $3,275 $3,117
RF12 Refrigerator/
24 amp-hrs
0.29 kWh
39 amp-hrs
0.47 kWh
  49.5" 34.5" 27.75" $2,429 $2,349
R10 Refrigerator
13 amp-hrs
0.17 kWh
23 amp-hrs
0.88 kWh
  43.5" 34.5" 27.75" $1,955 $1,875
F10 Freezer only 55 amp-hrs
0.69 kWh
70 amp-hrs
0.88 kWh
  43.5" 34.5" 27.75" $2,060 $1,980
RF4 Refrigerator
w/ice tray
12 amp-hrs
0.14 kWh
18 amp-hrs
0.21 kWh
  31.5" 34.5" 27.75" $1,745 $1,665
R4 Refrigerator
8 amp-hrs
0.10 kWh
12 amp-hrs
0.14 kWh
  31.5" 34.5" 27.75" $1,745 $1,665
F4 Freezer only 28 amp-hrs
0.35 kWh
36 amp-hrs
0.45 kWh
  31.5" 34.5" 27.75" $1,745 $1,665

Choice of freezer on top or bottom.
     Energy Star qualified models.
     All models are available in 12 volt DC, 24 volt DC, 110AC, or 220AC. Listed energy consumptions are for 12 volt units and 110AC; 24 volt units use half the listed amp hours.  Kwhs are listed for AC units.
Doors are mounted on a continuous stainless steel, piano-style hinge.  It is important to allow an additional 3.75" width on the hinge side for the door to open.  All units require 6" minimum clearance above the unit for heat ventilation.  Also, oak veneers add 0.25" to overall exterior dimensions; all other wood veneers add 0.5".
     ||There is an additional charge ($225) for custom colors or wood veneers.  Standard color is white.  There may be an additional charge for some specialized colors and wood veneers. Call for stainless steel pricing.

* * * * * * *

BASE CABINETS Sun Frost recommends using a cabinet below your Sun Frost refrigerator/ freezer to elevate the refrigerator to a more convenient height, while providing storage room for dry goods. A cabinet 12 to 16 high works well with the RF16 or RF19 models. For the RF12, a cabinet 18 to 24 high is recommended. The 4 cubic foot and 10 cubic foot models can be placed on top of existing cabinets, or at a height of about 36.

Sun Frost offers 13 and 24 high cabinets with two side-by-side sliding drawers, which can be made in laminates or woods to match your refrigerator. We also offer a 4 stand for areas in which there is not enough overhead space to install a full cabinet. The 4" stand is open in the front and creates a kick space under the refrigerator.

If you choose to build your own cabinet, it should be constructed of a minimum 3/4 plywood for sufficient strength.

Base Price* (white) Price* (color/wood)
4-inch stand $87 $124
13-inch cabinet $347 $492
24-inch cabinet $396 $550

*Shipping not included


NOTE: Appliances are not stocked locally and ship from our supplier in California.

Current lead time on all Sun Frost units is 4-6 weeks from the day of order.

* * * * * * *


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