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Energy Efficient Appliances
to help with off-grid living or just
keeping a cap on your energy usage

ECO-Fridge super energy efficient round kitchen refrigerators by Vestfrost

We at Oasis Montana Inc. have decided to expand our line of Energy Star certified, efficient appliances to help lighten the electrical load for those of you that are off-grid or just want to become a more savvy energy consumer.  We hope you will be able to find what you seek here (if not, ask, we may know who is offering what you need).  Keep checking back as we are continually on the look out for more quality, Energy Star certified appliances to offer you.

Money invested in energy-efficient appliances reduces the upfront cost of renewable energy designed homes several fold.

Thank you so much for your interest in energy efficiency!  If you would like to learn more about saving energy and renewable energy home power systems, just visit Oasis Montana.

NOTE: Appliances are not stocked locally and ship from our suppliers located back east.


"A refrigerator without an automatic icemaker and dispenser
will use 14 to 20 percent less energy."

For Energy Star rated, Apartment sized refrigerators visit:

For the tall, sleep, Euro style bottom mount freezer models, visit:

For a dorm-sized fridge, for college or your RV, visit:

Another tall Euro, stainless doored model can be viewed at:

These DC coolers & freezers are great for camping, your boat or your remote cabin: http://www.eco-fridge.com/engel.html

In terms of efficiency, it’s hard to beat these Sundanzer refrigerators and freezers:

No power is no problem with out gas refrigerators! From 10 to 19 cu.ft. capacity, check out the Diamond line at:

The popular Crystal Cold line, in production since the 90s, from 11 to 21 cu.ft. capacities, can be viewed at:

Big gas freezers are available, and they’re really cold for your home or hunting camp! See more information at:

We offer ranges that need no AC power, and will run off of LP or natural gas: http://www.lpappliances.com/DCStoves.html

Available in 24” to 36” widths, these Summit ranges need no AC power; http://www.lpappliances.com/stovemodels_summit.html for more information

These Italian-made drop-in cooktops can be lit with a match in the absence of AC power; http://www.lpappliances.com/verona.html


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energy efficient Smeg stainless steel dishwashers

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