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Sun Frost Refrigerators are Made in U.S.A.!

REFRIGERATORS/FREEZERS Sun Frost has been building energy-efficient refrigerators for the past 25 years and is dedicated to building quality products that are functional, esthetically pleasing, and built to last.  The expected life span of Sun Frost refrigerators is well over 25 years.

The Sun Frost refrigerator employs an array of innovations to achieve its exceptionally low energy consumption.  The cooling system on the Sun Frost is top mounted, reducing energy consumption in several ways.  The heat generated by the compressor and condenser does not reenter the refrigerator, and with a cooler-running condenser the efficiency of the cooling system is increased.

There is no air circulation between the refrigerator and freezer sections, unlike both manual and automatic defrost refrigerators.  This compartmental design reduces infiltration of warm kitchen air when the doors are opened.

Excellent insulation also contributes to Sun Frost refrigerator energy efficiency.  The walls of the refrigerator contain 2.5 to 4.5 inches of polyurethane foam.

Sun Frost refrigerators eliminate condensation with waste heat from the condenser and thus do not require the strip heaters normally found in refrigerator door gasket areas.  The efficiency of the cooling system is further increased by eliminating the need for internal circulating fans (Highly efficient fans are used on the F19 and RF19 models). Elimination of strip heaters in the door's gasket area prevents condensation under humid conditions.

Sun Frost refrigerators can run off AC or DC power.  The super-efficient Sun Frost refrigerator makes running a home with alternative power sources both feasible and affordable.

In addition to the above energy-efficient qualities, Sun Frost refrigerators offer high-humidity, food-saving storage, run quietly, and clean easily. A wide variety of custom laminates (standard laminate is white) and wood veneers are available, as well as more than 100 colors, numerous wood finishes, and stainless steel. Follow these links for more information about laminates and veneers:www.formica.comwww.wilsonart.comwww.nevamar.com.

Sun Frost refrigerators and freezers are so outstandingly energy-efficient, powering a home with solar power or other low output energy sources is both feasible and affordable. All models are available in 12, 24, or 48 volt DC, or 110, 220 volt AC. Even in a home using conventional utility power, energy consumption for refrigeration is typically cut by a factor of five!

Sun Frost participates in the U.S. government ENERGY STAR® program, and several of our models bear the ENERGY STAR label. In addition to unrivaled energy efficiency, Sun Frost offers amenities not found in conventional refrigerators, such as high humidity, food-saving storage, ultra-quiet operation and an easy-to-clean interior.

Every Sun Frost is custom crafted - you choose the hinge side and finish. Your Sun Frost can be finished with a number of laminate or wood finishes. We are now also offering a stainless steel option. Ask us!

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WHAT TRUCK FREIGHT ENTAILS:   The best rate for truck freight shipping is to have you pick it up at the local freight terminal or commercial drop point.  A residential delivery is usually $50 to $60 more than a business delivery, and, a lift gate (which drops the goods off at ground level), is another $80 to $100 in additional fees.  Inside delivery is an additional cost on top of that.

Know someone with a truck? Can you have a dolly or hand cart on hand?  If you can mobilize a couple of strong bodies, you might be able to save $50 to as much as $120 or so on your freight costs.

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